Saturday, May 3, 2008

Formula One 2008 So Far: The End of Something New?

by Benjy Sanford
What 2007 brought to the main stage of the worlds greatest motorsport is nothing short of an unexpected miracle. F1 fans all over the globe were left dillusional over what to expect once the king himself, Herr Michael Schumacher, stood down from his forever pole position in drivers him or hate him. But what the sport received in the 2007 season unquestionably left every fan wanting for more.

Formula one was graced by the presence of the young rookie Lewis Hamilton, a young boy from the Hertfordshire town of Stevanage. Like all British "sensations", Hamilton was overhyped and branded the next greatest thing; how right they were.

All of a sudden, we were plunged into a world of McLaren versus McLaren, mano on mano. No longer did the commercial side of the sport shine through as we had seen previously with teams instructing other drivers to pull over for team mates, but instead, drivers re-discovering their own thrive and lust to any cost.

Formula one became the testosterone-fuelled sport that it once was and with it capturing the eyes and imaginations of numerous new spectators around the world. Yes, the pit-babes used to get the main attention from the flashing bulbs of the media, but not any more. Pit-lane scandals, nose cone to diffuser action and disastrous weather brought the season to be one of the greatest of all time.

As for Lewis. All of the hype has proven to have much substance behind it with an impressive championship from the youngster. He has used his British charm and mannerisms to secure a fond spot in the eyes of not only British spectators but in the eyes of the world as he embarks on what is only his second series in top-flight racing.

Let not the scandals of "Spygate", the antics of a certain Mosley and the commericialism of the sport put you off this season. The drivers are racing fuelled on bio-passion and hunger to win no matter what is yelled at them down the team radio. They, along with some of the best racing tracks in the world will ensure an epic season in this majestic sport.

Lets just pray nothing will get in its way...

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